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How to Have the Perfect Happy, Health Day


As your partner in health, we want you to be well year round-not just when we see you for adjustments. While it can seem like a struggle to fill your weeks with days that are both productive and well, we’ve got some ideas that might help you have more happy, healthy days.

Start your day with self-observation in a sun filled room (or outside if weather permits). A great way to do this is to set your intentions for the day while journaling.

Eat a nutritious breakfast to stay alert and ready to tackle challenges that come your way. Prioritize protein in the morning with a healthy parfait.

Take breaks at work. During break time, do one thing your future self will thank you for-like calling a friend, moving your body, or reading a few pages of a good book.

End your day with gratitude. Think of the things that made you happy today, and note what you’d like to do differently tomorrow.

Does Your Bedroom Promote Deep Sleep?

Getting restful, good sleep is necessary to lead healthy and productive lives. And while bedrooms were designed to be an oasis of slumber, for many adults, sleep just doesn’t come easy.

Could you use a deeper night of sleep? Give these tips a try.

• Remove heavily scented items from your space. Some fragrances contain volatile organic compounds, which may compromise air quality and even cause poor sleep. Instead, skip air fresheners or synthetic candles for naturally scented products or essential oils.

• Keep phones, tablets, and laptops away from your bed-or even out of the room. Keeping them in your bedroom may increase temptation to send a text or email.

• If you wake up with pain or discomfort often, give us a call. We’ve helped many people just like you sleep soundly with custom chiropractic adjustments.

4 Ways to Improve Posture

Do you sometimes find yourself in a midday slump? We’re not talking about your energy levels-we mean your head, back, and shoulders! Good posture helps us stay balanced and reduces injury. If you feel like your posture could be improved, give these tips a try.

1. Don’t over-sit. While working behind a desk might be a must for you, remember to stand and move every hour. You can also consider purchasing a standing desk that adjusts from a seated position.

2. When seated, keep your knees slightly below the level of your hips with your feet on the ground. If your feet don’t reach the ground, consider using a footrest to maintain an optimal position.

3. Keep your weight evenly distributed. This means you aren’t leaning more on one leg than the other.

4. Visit us for a postural analysis. We’ll take a look at what’s causing your posture problems and develop a care plan that works to realign your body and spine!

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