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Neck Pain from Over Using Devices

A Technology-Driven World

Our handheld devices that keep us connected to the world every minute of every hour have started to damage our bodies. Our bodies have started to adapt to the addiction that is our smartphones. Over the past several years, we have taught our bodies that posture is not nearly as important as we know it truly is. Hunching over our phones watching the next viral video or sending a text has become an all too familiar habit that we have let ourselves become accustomed too.

“Tech Neck”

In the world of spine specialists, we have developed an official term for the pain you are experiencing, we call it “tech neck”. “Tech Neck” has become a serious condition and can hurt your body by placing your spine in a tenuous position. Many people can start to feel constant back and neck pain that only increases over time. “Tech Neck” can be avoided with some simple attention to our posture.

Here’s a quick list of how to avoid this common pain:

  • TIME LIMITS – pay attention to the amount of time you are allowing your body to be in this posture every day. Limit the time to avoid serious pain
  • HOLD YOUR PHONE UP – change the position of your phone while using it. Holding it straight in front of your face will force you to keep better posture while checking it.
  • EXERCISE YOUR NECK – stretch your neck in between long periods of time checking your phone. This will help you to relax as well as pay attention to your posture going forward.
  • SCHEDULE REGULAR CHECKUPS – Chiropractors have had to become experts on “tech-neck” over the past few years. Scheduling a regular check up will help your spine stay aligned and having a doctor remind you of your posture is never a bad thing!

You should never suffer from enjoying or using technology. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy watching as many viral cat videos as you want!

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