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Recommendations for Better Sleep

In today’s age it’s rare to find someone that feels like they get enough sleep. We all know how important good sleep is to our overall health but many of us struggle to find a way to guarantee a good night’s rest consistently. Check out these tips to help you develop a great and consistent sleeping pattern.

Put Away the Technology

Our televisions, phones and computers cause a rhythmic image hypnosis which can quickly prevent us from falling asleep quickly. To assure a better night’s sleep, put away the tech toys at least 15 minutes before bed and pull out a book. sleeping

Follow a Routine

Our body likes consistency. If it can count on us to give it a routine to follow then we can count on it to follow a more consistent sleep routine. Whether it be a bath, reading or meditation the consistency of any routine will allow our body to know that it’s time to shut down for the day and let us rest peacefully.

Change up your diet

If you’re having a hard time sleeping through the night, chances are strong that your diet is probably a part of the problem. Changing your diet to include fresh greens and fruits allows your body to establish a more healthy relationship with your routine and the chemistry from changing your eating habits will spill over to both better physical and mental health allowing you to rest more securely.


Many times our body doesn’t allow us to properly rest because of stress and worry of the next day. Journaling can be an amazing alternative to laying wide awake. Using pen and paper can let our body’s release the stress and shut down, knowing that we have taken note of any and all tasks we must face when we wake the following day.

Get Adjusted!

Visiting a great chiropractor can result in your body releasing the pressure on the spinal cord and brain system. Once this pressure is relieved your body can calmly enter a deep sleep at night with the reassurance that the nervous system and brain are communicating properly.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Harlan to help you assure a good night’s sleep call (913) 897-8382.

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